Traditionally fermented, not pasteurized.

Our Munich Kombucha is fermented in our factory using traditional methods. This gives the yeast and bacteria cultures enough time to grow. You can feel and taste it. In addition, our Kombucha is neither filtered nor pasteurized. This preserves the microbiotic cultures. Every bottle of FIRST8 Kombucha contains millions of live lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria support the health of the intestinal flora. Unpasteurized Kombucha can only be found in the refrigerated section. You should definitely pay attention to this when buying.Here you can find even more interesting information about Kombucha.

Handmade. With love.

We don't have it manufactured and bottled, but we personally stand for you in our Kombucha factory and also bottle it ourselves. This way we know exactly what goes in and what goes out. Our ingredients are hand-picked and of the highest quality. We press fruit ourselves and cook essences from herbs. This way we get the full taste without artificial flavorings in our Munich Kombucha.

Detox, baby!

Without flavors and artificial preservatives. We only use fresh or dried herbs and freshly pressed juices to refine our Munich organic kombucha. We also use the best green tea, which has a particularly antioxidant effect. In addition to green tea, you will find oolong tea in FIRST8 kombucha. Oolong tea is known for its metabolism-stimulating effect.

Clean eating, ahoy!

Totally organic.

All ingredients are certified organic. Hand-picked tea leaves, carefully selected herbs and fruits. Only the best ingredients go into our kombucha. So you don't have to worry about pesticide residues or anything like that, which is often a problem with non-organic juices and soft drinks.

Low in calories.

Our organic kombucha has little sugar and therefore few calories. 100ml has just 16 kcal. In comparison: an orange juice has around 59 kcal / 100 ml and an apple juice spritzer has 39 kcal / 100 ml. With a dry white wine we are already at over 80 kcal / 100 ml.

FIRST8 Kombucha is perfect for anyone who cares about a balanced lifestyle.