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Kombucha brewing art from Munich

Brewing really good kombucha is an art. In the south of Germany, in the FIRST8 Kombucha factory in Munich, the organic kombucha is made for you with a lot of passion and love for good taste. 100% natural, alcohol-free and full of living cultures. From real kombucha artists for real connoisseurs. FIRST8 Kombucha was founded to bring the best fermented kombucha drinks to Germany. Our mission is to offer healthy and tasty alternatives to conventional soft drinks and to change the drinking culture in Germany.

Why you should definitely try FIRST8 Kombucha

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For more enjoyment

10 flavors, each as individual as your own personal taste. Super complex, not very sweet, a little sour, really refreshing. That's FIRST8 Kombucha from Germany.

For more energy

Green tea and oolong tea are the basis of our Munich kombucha. Tea gives you a long-lasting energy boost. Try it out.

For your well-being

FIRST8 Kombucha is traditionally fermented and comes raw, i.e. not pasteurized, in the bottle. This means that each bottle is full of good living cultures. Fermented products are so popular because they can have a positive effect on the well-being of the intestines.

For your shape

Just 12-15 kcal/100 ml and half as much sugar as a juice spritzer - so every sip of FIRST8 Kombucha is not only a pleasure but also a yes to your figure.

Try different varieties on tap every day and let yourself be inspired by our seasonal products. DIY fans will also find what they are looking for here. Visit us at our Kombucha stand and experience the real Kombucha bar feeling.

FIRST8 Kombucha Bar & Shop
Viktualienmarkt Abt. 6, Pav. 3
80331 München

Mo-Fr: 10:30-18:00 Uhr
Sa: : 10:30-16:00 Uhr
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