FIRST8 Organic Kombucha | LEMON ROSEMARY | 6 x 330ml

Hand brewed


Low calorie


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Store refrigerated after receipt

FIRST8 Kombucha is raw, i.e. a living product with active cultures. Please put the Kombucha in the fridge immediately after receiving it. It will survive shipping for several days without damage. If it is left unrefrigerated for longer, it will not go bad, but will continue to ferment. This means that more lactic and acetic acid bacteria will develop and the Kombucha will become significantly more acidic. A lot of carbon dioxide will also develop. However, it will take a few days for this to happen, which is why shipping for up to a week is no problem.


Experience the unmistakable taste of FIRST8 Kombucha, handmade in our factory in the middle of Munich! We put a lot of heart and care into every step of production to offer you a unique and complex taste experience. Discover the difference that real craftsmanship and passion make in every bottle of FIRST8 Kombucha. Immerse yourself in the world of authentic Kombucha from the heart of southern Germany!


Discover the power of live cultures with FIRST8 Raw Kombucha! Our kombucha is not pasteurized or filtered, which means that each bottle is full of active and live cultures. These natural microorganisms are known for their positive properties. FIRST8 Kombucha is perfect for anyone looking for a natural, unprocessed drink that honors the traditional methods of kombucha production. Enjoy a real, raw kombucha that comes straight from our factory in Munich and experience the difference that live cultures can make. Try FIRST8 Raw Kombucha now and feel the natural boost!


Discover the purity and quality of FIRST8 organic kombucha, a perfect fusion of high-quality green tea and oolong tea. Our organic kombucha sets new standards in terms of naturalness and taste. We refine it with a carefully selected blend of herbs and freshly pressed juices to offer a refreshing and authentic experience. At FIRST8, we attach great importance to purity: no additives, no artificial flavors, no flavor enhancers. Our kombucha is a promise of an absolutely natural organic experience. Enjoy the pure essence of organic kombucha, brewed with passion and dedication, directly from our factory. Experience the clarity and freshness of FIRST8 organic kombucha - a truly pure pleasure experience! Completely vegan, of course.


We brew our kombucha with little sugar for a truly low-calorie refreshment. The sugar used serves as a nutrient for the kombucha cultures and is largely metabolized. 100ml of FIRST8 kombucha contains just 2.9-3.8g of residual sugar and 12-16 kcal - half as much as a juice spritzer.


FIRST8 Kombucha is naturally invigorating because it is based on tea. Compared to coffee, Kombucha offers a gentler and more sustainable source of energy. The natural theine content provides a sustained energy boost without the rapid ups and downs often associated with caffeine from coffee. This keeps you energized for longer and makes you feel good all around

Customer Reviews

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Renate S.
Einfach lecker

Die besten Kombucha, einfach lecker!!!!!! Schnelle Lieferung, alles bestens!!!!

Michel v.d.W.

Really refreshing! Liked it a lot. Highly recommended

Anais T.

Ich liebe die selbstgemachten Kombucha von Hanna, sie schmecken gut und sind nicht zu süß und enthalten die gesunden Bakterien. Immer ein Besuch wert am Stand beim Viktualienmarkt.


Kombucha ist super lecker. Dazu noch Laktosefrei und Alkoholfrei :) Top!

Katharina S.

Kombucha ist super lecker sowohl pur als auch mit Geschmack. Schnelle Lieferung in einem sehr stabilen Karton mit Kühlelement. Ich werde es auf jeden Fall wieder bestellen

Good to know


FIRST8 Kombucha is bottled in environmentally friendly reusable bottles. Since these are standard bottles, you can return these glass bottles to many organic markets as well as to REWE and EDEKA branches that sell the same bottle. The bottles can be refilled up to 50 times and are therefore particularly sustainable.