FIRST8 Kombucha Starter Set | including Kombucha mushroom (SCOBY) and 300ml starter culture


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Short instructions

Recipe for making your own kombucha

Ingredients for 1.5l Kombucha

1.2l water

6-12g tea

100g sugar

Tea mushroom and 150-300ml starter culture


to brew tea

Add sugar

Allow to cool (<30°C)

Pour into a fermentation vessel

Add tea mushroom with starter culture

Cover with an air-permeable cloth

Allow to ferment for 6-14 days at room temperature. Taste on the fifth day.

Save some of your kombucha and the SCOBY, bottle the rest, chill and enjoy.

Optional: Refine

Start again at step 1 with the SCOBY and some of the finished kombucha.

Good to know

Kombucha quantity

With this kombucha starter liquid you can make an infinite amount of kombucha. In the first step you start with 1.5l of kombucha. After just 7-14 days you can make new kombucha from it.


The shape of the kombucha mushroom will adapt to the surface of your fermentation vessel. The first tea mushroom that you buy from us is square and not symmetrical. This is because we have cut out a piece of our kombucha mother for you. This gives you the best quality and a lot of starter culture power.


Important: You should store the tea mushroom with the starter culture in the refrigerator until use.


All our products are certified organic. If you use organic tea to make your kombucha, you will continue to have a high-quality organic product at home.